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Here is your chance to download and try the industry leading income tax software that our clients have come to love because of its speed and full featured services.

The Tax Bizz is devoted to maintaining and creating more revenue generating opportunities for their customers than anyone else in the industry.



The WIP interface provides the most used tools in the software to help you work efficiently, so that you can prepare more tax returns in less time.


This features allows you to edit the return directly on the tax form, giving you the ability to move quickly through the tax preparation process.


Provide your potential clients with a quick estimate of their tax return earning potential and then quickly turn that estimate into a tax return.

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More Tools To Complement Your Tax Business​

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Branded App

With your own Mobile App connect with your clients at anytime

Mobile App

You clients can use your app to submit their information and documents.
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Identity Protection

Builds a complete shield around your client's identity


Offers a solution as robust as the ones used by the nation’s leading financial institutions to prevent identity theft.
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Audit Assistance

Audit assistance that helps tax preparers through IRS audits


Provides taxpayers with industry-leading audit assistance services, including tax fraud assistance, tax debt relief, taxpayer ID assistance, and more.
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Website + Mobile App

With your own customized mobile application, your clients have the ability to send you their information and source documents directly to your tax software from the convenience of their home.

People have come to expect that professionally run businesses have a web presence, and that is why The Tax Bizz offers its clients a fully functional customized website. The website is developed with a fully functional dashboard that is integrated with the website content and The Tax Bizz Mobile Application.


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